Process model does not get triggered

I have setup TN RN doctypes, TPA’s, processmodel and focal role. When partner sends data , TN is able to recognise the doctypoe, sender and receiverid but processmodel which is subscribing for this TN RN xml doc is not getting triggered.Instead I am getting error, Missing agreementID .
I checked the TPA and all the parametres in TPA match the parametres sent by partner.TPA is in agreed status and TPA name is same as TN RN xml doc type name.
Any suggestions will be of great help. I am using webmethods6.1


Forgot to mention that I changed the doctypename and agrementid.
TN RN doctype name and Agrementid are same. This change was required for modeler as modeler was not accepting “.” in the doctype name.
Any suggestions?


Where do you see this error? Also, is your TP sending the RN documents to wm.ip.rn:receive or do you have a wrapper service around the ‘receive’?

Missing agreementID most likely means that your bizdoc gets dropped from the pipeline before the getTPA is invoked because the bizdoc/DocType/TypeName is used as agreementID along with SenderID and ReceiverID from bizdoc to query the TPA. If no exact match (based on all these three fields) is found, the agreementID (docTypeName) is used get the TPA.


This problem is rectified. There was a wrong input in the complex join type

We also meet same problem “Missing AgreementID” as well. It’s glad to hear that this problem been resolved by your own. Might I know where you changed the Join Type? (Ex. which step in WM:Modeler??)

Really, really , really hope that more information that I can try to solved this problme in our B2B system (WM 6.1)… :frowning:

Thank you for your cooperatin in advanced. :slight_smile: