Process instances stuck in "Started" status

We’ve had quite a few processes stuck in the “started” status and I’m trying to clean them up. I ran this statement “Update WmProcess set status = 4 where status = 1”. Now, the instances still show “Started” but when I look at the detail screen the status shows “Failed”. Is there another table that I need to update?


We had some similar problem, WmMonitor 6.0.1,
Processes remained in status started forever in the monitor, even though they were completed.
We also didn’t get an acknowledgment when submitting the documents to the broker.
On the service usage statistics there were 9 instances for the service wmPRT.handleControlEvent. And they seemed to remain there forever, though not sure if they weren’t related to the “stucked” processes.

Use the latest DD driver solved the issue.


This is interesting as we also had a problem with the models being stuck in started status even though they had actually completed. Tech support were not able to resolve the problem. After a year of troubleshooting we closed the issue as we would be upgrading to 6.5. We were told that we were the only company experiencing this type of problem. I guess that statement was incorrect. I know this response doesn’t help you with your question but I couldn’t resist writing my 2 cents worth when I saw that other were also seeing this issue.