Process Instances are not visible in MWS in 10.15

Hi All
I am trying to do some POC on BPM in 10.15. I see control triggers and restart and other queues and topics are created successfully.

In Administration>Business>Business Process

I am able to do a build and report successfully

I have checked the process Audit DB connection and it is successfull too


In Monitoring>Process Instances i am unable to see the process instances.

and not able to run the business process too. I am able to publish to queues and i can see in UM also

This is from Messaging

This is from triggers

From WmPRT i see this not sure if this is the issue and if this is the one how to fix this

Thank you

Hi Parre,

can you share a screenshot of your JDBC Pool configuration from IS Admin UI, please?

Remember that Process Engine/Process RunTime and Process Audit should be configured to use the same db schema for easier connection.

Additionally check the config of WmMonitor for accessing the runtime information of the instances.


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Hi Holger Thanks for the reply. I have noticed that i have missed some tables when installing the server and i have reinstalled the server along with tables again and then published the BPM project and it worked correctly now.


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