Process Development - Communication between Event and Rule Task doesn't work


I have a little problem with modelling processes. To support my description I’ve attached some screenshots. In my process I have a start message event, which has a document as output. In it are two elemens - a boolean one called gvu and a Integer called maxi.
The following Rule Task should use this document to determine the next step. If the gvu element in the start message event is set to “true” task3 should be executed and if it is set to false task 2. Therefore I’ve edited the two corresponding transitions.

The start message event and the rule task are using the same document type. But when I now try the debugging modus, the process stops after executing the rule task (screenshot “prob04”). As far as I know, all Inputs and Outputs are correct, the process is saved and uploaded and the mapping should work.
I dont’t know what else to do. Does someone know, what I’ve missed?

Thanks for your help!

Best regards
Stefan Schulz

Hi Stefan,

What is the output of the Rule step? Are you still retaining the values fed in the input of the step? It may be posible that the values have been dropped. Or Maybe the document itself may not be present in the output.

Can you try changing the transition type of one of the paths to “Default” and see if it goes to that path? If that is the case, then it means that either the data has been dropped or there is a mismatch in the value in the field and the comparision value.



Hi Ninad,

thanks for your reply. The Rulestep ist basically nothing more than a Decision Table in which the Integer variable “maxi” is set acording to the value of the boolean variable “GVU”.
I also assume, that die values are dropped. Maybe there is a mapping problem right in the beginning of the rule set?
When I add another transition and set it to “default”, this one always is chosen.
Sadly I don’t know how to fix this. I’ve rebuild this process at least 10 times. I’ve used always the same document reference.
Interesstant fact. Whenever it hit the “”-button all In- and Output variables disappear. :frowning:
I’ve attached some screenshots to support my description.

Thanks again for your help! Hopefully we can solve this mess :wink:

Best regards