Proceesing rule not getting invoked

I need to export profiles, processing rules and install document types from dev to live box can anyone say is there any order to follow? I have done this .It was working fine in dev box but in live box, it seems that processing rule is not getting invoked .How to resolve it? do i need to kill that processing rule and again import it from dev box?

Processing rules will not be overwritten when you are importing the TN export. So first you have to delete the existing processing rules and then import. Otherwise the processing rules will be duplicated and may cause problem.

You have to import first profiles,doctypes and processing rules

I have imported profiles first then installed document types and then imported processing rules . Before importing, there was no other processing rule with same name so no chance of problem here.
Still the service given in processing rule is not getting invoked.
Do i need to delete the document types and install again or redo the importing of processing rules by deleting the existing rule?
What else i need to check to find out the reason why processing rule is not working? In test box, i have used savePipeLineToFile and restorePipeLineToFile and tested It was working fine. But this is live box .Can anyone throw some light on this?

If you imported for the first time, please check the order of the processing rules. You may face this problem if the Default processing rule is on top. Please check the order of the processing rules whether it is maching with test box.