problems with wsdl

hello all i just started learnind how to use wsdl and i am very new at it. i have been working with on somepractise work and i have been trying to create a wsdl file that matches the web service i provided for a script called stock .cgi which is below. can anyone plz tell me what the wsdl file is supposed to look like as i have tried without any luck. the scripts i created are below. any help would be appreciated. thanks:)


package Stock;


productQuantityAvailable = (150 - 0); #($productQuantityPurchased - $productQuantitySold);

sub checkStockLevel {

my($productCode, $date);

          $productcode = shift;
          $date = shift;
  if(($productCode eq "7015RSRSC") && ($date eq "16/11/2006"))
  { return " The Quantity of products remaining are $productQuantityAvailable.\n\n";
          { return "There are no products in stock.\n";


#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use SOAP::Transport::HTTP;

→ dispatch_to(‘stock’)
→ handle;

Which webMethods products are you using? Not too much support here for debugging Perl.


i don’t understand your question

wMUsers is a user community for developers and architects who use software products from webMethods, Inc. So my question was “which webMethods product are you using?”. XML is obviously not a product.

Perhaps you might find better support in a Perl SOAP:lite discussion thread such as this one from