Problems with referenced process

Hello, when i call a process since another process and i don´t expect any document works fine, but if i expect a document not work. The flow not return to parent.


which version of webMethods are you using

My version is 8.2

There is a fix for this issue : PRT_8.2_SP2_Fix1

A child process does not join its parent after a successful
resubmission of the child process

This situation can occur with a parent process that has a child
referenced process model, and the child process fails. After
successful resubmission of the failed child process, the parent
process remains in Started status and continues to wait for the
child process.

Since your issue is not related to resubmission, i think it could be a different issue.
Please check below in your process

  1. While invoking ref process, Are you setting the parameter pub.prt.SubprocessModel/waitForSubprocess to true. This indicates synchrosnous ref process invocation
  2. Child process called should have a Start message event at the begining and
    if you want to send return document to Parent process, then it should have a Send Task Activity at the end,

thanks, but the child finish fine. My problem is when child return one document, in this case flow not return to the parent.
If i don´t put any document in parent in return document the process work fine.

can you check the two points mentioned in my last post

Thanks, now works fine. I haven´t the send task activity, i finished child with end message.

np…glad that it worked