Problems when trying to Login MWS

Hi people,
Some users have problems when trying to Login MWS portal. It shows the following error:
[POP.007.0006] Requested content was not found: “meta/default/wm_xt_fabricfolder/0000010984”

Does anyone know why it happen and how to resolve?
Thanks in advance,

Hi Marcelo,

Are you able to locate this file “wm_xt_fabricfolder.pdp”? it should be inside MWS folder, depend on which version of MWS you install. Try to do a recursive search for the file.

If not found, try to install the latest fix for your version.

If you can see the file, please do a “touch” on these files and restart MWS

  • wm_mon_service*.pdp from \components\mywebmethods\integrationmonitoring
  • wm_mon_archive.pdp from \components\mywebmethods\datamaintenance

so that the file will get re-loaded to the server.