Problems specifying MQMessage REPORT field properties with M

When specifying the REPORT field properties using v6 of the MQ Adapter, the outgoing message sets the value to “0” and I receive an error back from the target application stating that there is a REPORT field missing.
The webMethods documentation for the adapter states that the value for this field is a string with a max length of 4 digits. The parameters that I’m attempting to use are: “MQC.MQRO_EXPIRATION,MQC.MQRO_NEW_MSG_ID,MQC.MQRO_COPY_MSG_ID_TO_CORREL_ID,MQC.MQRO_DEAD_LETTER_Q,MQC.MQRO_PAN,MQC.MQRO_NAN”
as specified by the target application specs. These seem to be valid parameters, so why is the report field limited to 4 characters?
I MUST be missing something…does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.

The REPORT field is part of the MQ Message Descriptor (msgHeader) and is a LONG integer in the definition of the MQMD. It is represented as a string in the MQ Adapter. You need to add together the values represented by the field names you are trying to use (all the MQC.MQRO* fields) and put that into the REPORT field. The hex values of the LONGs you should be adding are:

MQRO_PAN 0x00000001
MQRO_NAN 0x00000002
MQRO_NEW_MSG_ID 0x00000000

Hope this helps.

Dave Dyer

Thanks Dave, I’ll check this out. Where did you find this information? I failed to find it in the webMethods documentation.

Thanks again Dave.

We have been working with MQSeries long before we had webMethods. The information I passed along about the REPORT field, MQMD, etc. is in the WebSphere MQ doc available from IBM, and I know that webMethods normally represents all integer/long parameters as strings. I would strongly recommend you get the WebSphere doc - it is invaluable if you are using MQ extensively.