Problems in Installation Enterprise Integrator on Windows2000 Server

Iam getting Problems in installing Webmethods Enterprise Integrator on Windows 2000 Server OS.In installation Iam getting Adaptor monitor creation error.The installation process failed to create adapter monitor.The remaining things are installed properly.
But when i try to start Integrator,manager or any other applications from windows start ,I could it make it.Iam not getting any errors to,the system attempt to start the application but after some time it become silent.
what is the problem?How to fix that?
The same installation is working on windows workstation4.0.

Hi, Ram.

There have been some patch releases/fixes for your particular configuration. Is it possible that those patches were applied in your NT 4.0 environment and not in your 2000 environment?

If so, you can download the patches and read about the fixes at the webMethods Advantage Web site.

The greatest advice of them all!

Try uninstalling and reinstall it.
Might actually work!
All the best!!!