Problems adding a where clause to Insert Notification using

I was trying to add a contition to the Insert Notification on a table called PDI_INTERFACETRIGGER table that would only get triggered when the column TRANSACTION_RC = 'KT1"

Here is what I did:

  1. I disabled the Insert Notification Component.
  2. I checked in TOAD and the Shadow table for that component is correctly dropped.
  3. I added a row on the WHEN tab that would check if the TRANSACTION_STATUS = 'KT1"
  4. I saved the component.
  5. I enabled the component and i got an error which indicated that I had an “Invalid Specification”
  6. I checked in TOAD and the shadow table got created, eventhough I got an error.
  7. I removed the row on the WHEN tab.
  8. To get the original component enabled again I had to drop the shadow table and its sequence.

I thought at first that it was something with the insert notification that it did not like what I added on the WHEN tab. I tried changing the column name to TRANSACTIONSTATUS_RC but I got the same error. I also tried adding the same clause to a Delete Notification and also expericenced the same behavior.

Has anyone out there experienced the same behavior?