Problem with routeXml for large doc

Hello experts,

External application invokes a flow service via http sending XML data. This flow service execute ACL is set as anonymous. This flow services adds senderID, receiverID within the XML data to the received XML and sends to TN via routeXml service.

Document Type is defined in TN to extract SenderID and Receiver ID from the incoming XML and then select the processing rule.

This set up works perfect for smaller files. But large files are sent to TN, I get the following error. All the configurations settings for large file handling are working fine. This message is seen in the Activity log of Transaction Analysis

Envelope query for SenderID of doctype <TN_DOCUMENT_TYPE_NAME> failed to produce a result. The document may not be complete. The query was: /<XML_ROOT_TAG>[0]/Sender[0]

–> TN_DOCUMENT_TYPE_NAME = TN document name
<XML_ROOT_TAG>[0]/Sender[0] is the place to extract Sender ID in XML. It happens the same for Receiver ID too.

May be I am missing something.

Please advice.

There is a configuration setting which controls how much of the large document is read to find the attributes to be extracted. If this setting is too small for your document, the extraction will fail. For example, if the setting is 100 (read 100 characters) and the attributes exist beyond the first 100 chars, it won’t work.

I cannot remember the name of the setting (nor its default value), but this is covered in the TN docs for large doc handling.

Thank you very much for the info.

I found out that setting and no luck.

When I view received XML in TN console for the smaller file the SenderID, ReceiverID is just after the root tag but for large document, I cannot see both the above IDs after the root tag. I think this is creating a problem.

Here is the example how XML is shown in TNconsole
For smaller file ….

For large file
I cannot see both the SenderID and ReceiverID tags.

Please help.

I am sorry…I need to correct the last sample XML for large file