Problem with listOutOfSyncs

Hi All,

I am using the service to get the list of documents which are out of sync with broker. When I try to loop over the list returned by this method, I am not able to get the nsName element of the document.The value of this element can be seen in the pipeline, but when I try to assign it to a variable, it is set as empty string.

Can anyone please provide me with some inputs to resolve this problem?

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Seems you’re not the first person to face that issue.
Here is the solution marked as efficient:
“Convert the outOfsyncs (in the call in the repeat loop to XML Values, and back to a document, by using pub.document:documentToXMLValues and pub.document:XMLValuesToDocument.”

Hope that’ll work.

Thanks Mathieu,
The solution given by you worked…

Rajani Pawar