Problem with VAN FTP GET command 550 error

We are using wM 4.6 and windows 2000 server environment.

Flow service looks as below.

  1. Connect to the VAN [ GXS VAN ] using VAN.VANConnectivity:FTPConnection
  2. list all the files in the van mailbox using VAN.ftp:ls
  3. tokenize the output and get the last token i.e, filename
    [ if the status of the message is Y, don’t pull the data, if it is N, get the data using VAN.ftp:get ]

The problem here is even if the status the file is “N”, when using the get <remotefilename i.e, token 4], it’s quitting out with a message as
550-Requested action not taken

attached is the complete error message.

Please help !

van_error.txt (1.5 k)

550 FTP code means:
“Requested action not taken. File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access).”

So is it possible that you’re not passing in the correct filename to retrieve?
Try stepping through by hand and see what value for the filename you’re trying to run…

The toerh part of the message might indicate something wrong with the user/permission stuff:
“TIP error: GONEXT - invalid ‘*USER’.(0062)”

Does this stuff all work when you do it by hand with the same user credentials?

Nathan Lee

Sorry for the delayed response.

Infact the service is working now without any changes to the mailbox /service. And this is happening randomly.

And regarding the credentials, It won’t even come to the “VAN.ftp:ls” if the username/password is wrong.

The problem is exactly at the ftp:get command.

I raised a ticket to GXS for the followup.
Will update once I get any response from them.

And thanks for the response.

did u manage to resolve this problem…
m facing a similar problem…