Problem with unique bizdocid

Hi all,

Please help me to fix error with the following problem with TN

I know webMethods released a fix for this, but I don’t know how to rectify the problem on my local machine. I installed TN 6.1 using image.


As we all know, when the document is submitted to the TN, it assigns a
unique bizdocid which is of 24 bytes. Suddenly from today afternoon, all
6.0 and above versions are generating the 25bytes unique bizdocid. But the
TN table which carries the bizdocid is defined to carry only 24 bytes.
Thus all the document submissions to TN are failing.

Install TN 6.1 Fix 15:

Thanks alot


Just to be precise, the problem wasn’t limited to TN 6.*, but pretty much all TN versions.

I think you may need to Install fix 13 also