problem with two pdf files


i have a problem with these two pdf files:
the Tamino Non-XML indexer returns empty , i have tried with others pdf files and i have no problem.
Can someone help me?


And here there is the other file

Hi Andrea,
I found this note in the documentation for the Non-XML Indexer and I think it explains your problem:
The Tamino Non-XML Indexer supports the extraction of content and metadata from PDF files. However, in some circumstances, for example if the PDF file contains LZW compressed objects, no content information is extracted.
I loaded two pdf files; one of yours and one supplied with Adobe Acrobat Reader (the Help “Reader.pdf” file). If you open Reader.pdf with an editor like Ultra-Edit, the indexed content appears as readable plain text inside the pdf file. In the case of your file, there is no readable plain text. So I think all of your content is compressed and therefore is not indexable.
Does this help?

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thanks a lot for your help,
i think it can be this the problem

best regards