Problem with TN recieve service

Hi Everyone,

i sent EDI 810’s to one of our partner, inturn they are sending 997’s to us.
this is the URL i have given to them: http://host:port/invoke/

i donno for some reason the doctype, sender & receiver is not recognized. when i resubmitt the content it is recognizing. what could be the reason?

we are working in webMethods 6.1 Environment.

any help is really appreciated.

What is the content-type of the document being submitted to TN receive? It should be application/EDIstream.

Thanks for the Info, i talked to the partner he said he don’t have any option to change content-type: i assume he is submitting from a browser(default text/plain). i think in this case if he posts directly to TN receive service it won’t work. probably I need to built a custom service.

Can you give me steps to accomplish this??

i really appreciate your help.



Review the EDI for TN docs for the options available for posting EDI data. The partner can post the data using edidata as the form variable name.

I would encourage the use of an entry service that the partner invokes rather than having them post to TN receive directly. There are several threads on the forums about the benefits of this.