problem with the :goto parameter

X-Application Version: 3.1.3, 3.1.2, 3.1.1
Tamino Version : 3.1.1
Platform : NT, Win2k, Solaris, …
WebContainer : Tomcat 3.3
JDK Version : 1.3.1

I have a problem with the :goto parameter.
The problem is that I am displaying a list of query-results in a page called “list.jsp”.
When I have a input box on that same page called :goto it works fine when I submit it on itself and goto the position I want to.
But the problem is that I want to go from another page called instance.jsp and use the :goto to go back to the list I came from then it doesn’t work.

So my question is: Do I have to submit a page to itself when I use :goto, or is it possible to submit from other pages?

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could you post your instance.jsp?

I will have a look at it and in parallel I will look into the source code. I would expect that sending the :goto paramter is independent on the page. However, additional parameters could be required which are sent by the browse page.

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Here comes the page:
Note, this is a page that is never shown to the user.
There is a script that posts the form automatically.
In my example
InvoiceRBQuery.getPageSize() returns 5
JSPHelper.getFaerslurEditJSPPos() returns 3
so :pagesize gets the value 5 and :goto gets the value 3.

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<%@ page errorPage=“errorPage.jsp”%>
<jsp:useBean id=“JSPHelper” scope=“session” class=“”/>
<jsp:useBean id=“JSPDB” scope=“session” class=“”/>
<jsp:useBean id=“logon” scope=“session” class=“logonbean.Logon”/>
<jsp:useBean id=“InvoiceRBQuery” scope=“session” class=“”/>
<%@ page import=“java.util.*” %>
<%@ taglib uri=“” prefix=“xapp” %>






we have tested the “goto” with a modification on our Property example:

  • 1. We added a document name to the query on the search.jsp page:
    <xapp:action type="query" arg="${querySearch$}" form="form1"[B]document="notCurrent"[/B]></pre><BR><LI>2. Thereforw we had to modify the browse tag on the list.jsp page:<BR><pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre"><xapp:browse [B]document="notCurrent"[/B]></pre>, and<BR><LI>3. we added a small form containg a goto statement to the view.jsp page:<BR><pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">
    <form action="list.jsp" method="post" name="form1">
    	Start from:<input value="0" size="6" name=":goto(notCurrent)" type="text"/>
    	<input value="Go" type="submit"/>

With the modifications the :goto parameter works fine as expected.

If you like you can try it.

I suppose that your page with :goto parameter is submitted correctly, but while forwarding
the page, the parameters of the original request get lost.

Is it possible to you to check, that all parameters are forwarded corretly?


Thanks a lot for your reply. It helped to isolate the problem.
I think that I have found what my problem was.
That is that on the page List.jsp I had surrounded
<xapp:action type=“query” … /> with an If-Statement.
That If-Statement was not working correctly so I always did an query.

So I guess that the goto statement only works after a query has been done in one page and post is done to that page afterwards?

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yes. The requirement for a goto is

(1) Somewhere you have processed query
(could be a directcommand or action)

(2) When sending a :goto parameter you must ensure
(a) the parameter refers to the document set defined by the query.
(b) that there is a page with xapp:module to evaluate the request parameter. This means also that the :goto request parameter must not be directly sent to list page.


Hello Christian,
I have got a refresh problem in List.jsp.

The problem is that I search for documents and then I display them in List.jsp.
Then I want to edit one document in a page called Instance.jsp.
When I am finished editing I would like to go back to the List.jsp and use goto-parameter to go back to the position I was in. But if I have done some modification in Instance.jsp the changes are not reflected in List.jsp
Do I have to re-query or is there a way to refresh List.jsp?

Best regards