Problem with the EDI adapter for SAP BC


I’m using SAP BC 4.6 with the EDI package from SAP.
I all of a sudden get this error message when I’m converting EDI messages to IDOC’s. “Data records are not numbered sequentially”

I only get this message when the service is run normally, but when I trace it, it works just fine!

Has anybody encountered this message/problem?



if you have moore than 1 IDoc in your IDoc packet, then you must number the EDIDC DOCNUM field with a number.


We only use one IDoc in the IDoc packet and there is only one order in the inbound order.

I only have this problem for inbound ORDERS, no other messagetypes.


It looks lite the problem occurs in SAP and not BC and is only when a special NAD segment is read.

But, the problem is not yet solved.


  1. when you look at the IDoc in SAP, does the IDoc structure look like a tree or is it all flat, no parent child relationship?

  2. SAP doesn’t see the special NAD segement, you see this segment in SAP BC and map it accordingly, you have to ensure that this mapping occurs in the correct sequence of building your IDoc!, you cannot just handle this NAD segement at the end of the flow and attach it to the bottom of the IDoc!


The IDOC itself looks ok in BC, the structure is correct.

I don’t get any info into SAP. The error is caused when a a special NAD segment is read and mapped to an IDOC. If I disable this NAD segment, I get the IDOC into SAP. The note 206068 is similar to me problem.
The NAD segment is mapped among the rest of the NAD segments and has worked before

Thx for your help!


I’m assuming that you are passing the IDoc into SAP via ALE=(passing the file directly to SAP via memory sharing), and not EDI=(creating a file at the OS level, then running RSEINB00, to pick this file up at a later point in time).

If it is ALE, your problem is obviously still with your mapping, may be that the extra segment created may not be identified correctly.
Even if the structure is wrong (via the EDI method) SAP will always accept the IDoc and create the IDoc’s in it’s EDI/IDoc tables, identifying the problem with the IDoc.

Have you applied any service packs or mistankenly changed the standard Services:

I suggest you debug to this point in where you trasform your file ready for shipping to SAP in your flow service and review the contents of the pipeline, look at the:

Only 1 pair of Control and Data should be populated.

Hope this helps.