problem with TDataSource

Hello –

If I specify
"com.softwareag.tamino.db.api.ejb.datasource.TDataSource" as specified in the 311 Docs, using Weblogic6.1 and JDK1.4 I am getting a error as “No suitable Driver specified”.

Is it TDatasource(as specified in the 311 Docs) or is it TDataSource. I have verified with both of them, but couldnt’ get the connection.

Well, I’d posted earlier about the problem with TDriver.

Any information regarding this issue.


Hi Ravi,

I assume you are referring to the same WebLogic 6.1 environment. The TDataSource and TConnPoolDataSource classes are not meant for use in a WebLogic environment. They are meant for other App Servers. So, doesn’t bring anything trying to use them with WebLogic. TDriver is what should be used for WebLogic.