Problem with synchronizing documents to a broker in a territory

Hi all,

We are experiencing a problem (both in a 6.0.1 environment as in a 6.1 environment) with synchronizing documents.

Situation is as follows:

  • we have multiple Brokers in one territory
  • several IS connected to those Brokers
  • one package containing canonical document definitions

Our procedure to synchronize when the canonical package is updated:

  • install the update package on several IS
  • connect with the Developer to one IS and push the out-of-sync canonicals to the Broker

However, the definitions on the Broker are not updated.
We then push the document (which is signalled as ‘in-sync’) AGAIN to the Broker, the definition is finally updated.

We only experience this problem when the Broker is in a territory.
Is this normal behaviour? Should we first make the Broker leave the territory before updating, and join the territory again afterwards?

Has somebody else experienced the same issue?