Problem with soapHeader parameter in pub.client:soapClient


I am using webservice connector as consumer, generated using a wsdl file, to send a soap message.
The problem is that I have a soapHeader variable in my pipeline that is mapped automatically with the soapHeader parameter of the pub.client:soapClient => I got immediately a java nullPointerException when I make the call.

I am using WM 7.1.2, SOAP 1.1 and installed IS_7.1.2_WebSvcsXML_Fix17 fix.

When I make the call using the step by step debug mode in Developer and I drop the soapHeader variable from the pipeline before making the call, I do not have the nullPointerException.

Could any one explain to me what is going on and what I have to do to avoid this problem? (other fix to install, or signal a problem to webservice provider,…)


SoapHeader is anyhow an option field in pub.cleint.soapClient service, make sure that you are mapping the required document (input parameters required by the exposed service.


Exactly, it is an option field.

The problem is that I am exposing a web service that is called by a client, then I have to generate a response message and send it, using information received by the client.
The same wsdl file is used to generate provider and consumer WSD.
With a save and restore pipelineFromFile, I found a soapHeader variable in my pipeline, received I think, with the message from the client. This variable is making trouble to make the response.

There is no mapping generated by the WSDL concerning the parameter soapHeader. (I know it because I generated provider and consumer web service descriptor exactly as the client does)

I don’t know how can I resolve this situation…

I am facing the same issue in my case too. As of now I resolved it by dropping the soapHeader doc before calling soapClient. I am not sure if its the right way to do it.

How did you solve this issue in your case? Please share if you have good solution for it.


Your approach is correct, if you are not passing any relevant data to partner in SOAP-HEADER it can be dropped… before sending to partner using soap handlers in webmethods… i have done with for my projects too and didn’t faced any issues because of this…


I have done the same thing. I drop the soapHeader doc in the beginning of the web service that I provide.
I didn’t find better solution, but I think this is Ok.