Problem with SOAP via HTTPS

I have got a WSDL file from my partner and it contains 2 web services functions. Both are similar with a custom object as input and another custom object as output. The major different as I can see is the output object for the second service is a custom object (A) which includes another custom object (B) in it.

Because I am not familiar with SSL, so I follow the method from another post that I set “” in config.cnf and leave the CA trusted folder to be blank. After that, I create a web service connector and input the WSDL file, system generated some documents and services to me successfully. Then I tried to run the services by Developer, for Service 1, it is successfully called with a object return (It is quite funny that the service call via SSL but I still can call it without provide a certificate, why?).

For Service 2, the request is sent but nothing return! There is no any error occur but the soapbody is empty! Can anyone tell me why???

Actually I have tried to write a web service client by java (not related to WM) and provide a “” and “”. Both web services returned values successfully.

The environment I use:
-Developer 6.5
-The web service should be generated by AXIS

Thanks a lot~~~

I don’t think the issue of not receiving return values is related to SSL. Are there any soap faults or other errors returned or logged when the second operation is invoked? Does the provider of the service log any errors when you invoke the second op from IS?

My guess is that the soap request for the second op is not correct. You’ll need to capture that and compare it to a working request to identify the issues.

A web services testing tool will read the WSDL and generate test cases. Executing the test cases will show you the contents of various valid requests which can be constructed in IS by any reasonably experienced developer.

You can establish an SSL connection using only basic authenticaion, so providing a cert is more secure but not necessary and can certainly be done by IS if configured correctly.