Problem with select row check box and select row onclick

Hi ,

I am using select row check box and select row on click in async table to get the selected rows for the further processing. But whenever I select any one of the check box, it is selecting the current row with first row as well and some time it is selecting all the rows from the table.
When I unselect the current row, it is unselecting first row.
I am using webemethods 8 designer, Please help me out regarding for the same.


The symptoms sound like perhaps the rows don’t have (unique) ids? Row selection won’t work without unique row ids.

Check your table content provider to make sure the row id value resolves to something unique for each row.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your reply, as i am new to webMethods CAF,Could you please explain, how to configure the row id value to be unique for each row.


Hi Marali

In the bindigs view , Expand the content provider and click on Row ID Expression. Then in the Properties panel go to Data Binding -->Value. and click on select Icon. You will be prompted with Provider Scoped variables, where you can select the field which is unique ID for the rows and click OK

Hi mja4wm,

Thanks for your reply, i binded Row ID value to my primary key (unique value for each row) of content provider output results, but still i am facing same issue, could you please help me.
Please find an attachment.

Bind it to “Row ID Expression” not “Row ID”

Hi mja4wm/Eric ,

Thank you for valuable suggestions, it is working fine .