problem with newly installed package in IS 7


I exported a package using developer on one IS, copied zip file to the inbound dir on a second IS, installed the release via IS admin, tested, and worked fine.

However, if I look at the newly installed package using developer pointing at the second IS, none of the stuff in this new package are editable.

Read the IS manual, I even went to the IntegrationServer dir to change the file permission but to no avail.

I did prepare the release via IS Admin instead of developer, but the end result is the same, nothing is editable.

Anyone here knows why and how to get around of this?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Derek,

You have an access Privileges on XYZ server for that Package/Top level folder.but on ABC server ,Can you verify that your(user) name is part of the same ACL group . If NO, you can not edit it.



We have 2 server with identical login, installed the IS exactly the same, and I checked the unix file permission, it is identical all the way the the last node.



Hi Derek,

Can you verify the Package level ACL on the second server.



Unix Level ACL are identical. And I have rwx on all.

Or do you mean something else here?

Thanks and regards.



Problem resolved.

After install, in order to edit anything (e.g., a document), need to “lock for edit” first.

Thanks for the help, appreciated.


Good Job Derek !!

Well, now I have a new problem, clicking “Lock for Edit” resulted an error pop up stating:
The following elements were not locked:

(the element name for which I want to lock)

and click on the details button on that poup gives no detail.

It happens to some of the elements, not all. I even looked at the Linux file permission, but can’t see any difference in file permission between those I can and can’t edit