Problem with markers design on Google map object

Hi everyone,

I am designing a page which contains two portlets (left and right one).

The left one has a google map object, which has some markers to be displayed, according to the chosen preferences on a menu which is the second portlet.

The values chosen on the second portlet are passed through wiring to the first one(the one with the map), which calls a web service (through glue SOAP) that returns the values to be displayed by the markers on the map.

The map is refreshed by means of an async button, which refreshes the panel where the map is. This async button has the action of calling the refresh method of the service which retrieves the information to the markers.

The problem is, when using the application, sometimes the markers aren’t correctly displayed, not reflecting the last input on the menu preferences.

If we press the button on the second portlet again, everything gets back to normal but this is not acceptable.

When the “bug” occurs, the service is being called on the Integration Server with the correct arguments, but it’s result is not displayed on the map that maintains the markers from the previous call.

Did anyone else have this type of problem?

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One thing that you might check, is to have a look at the soap monitor to ensure that you are getting the correct data (or the expected data back) from the web service.