problem with LOOP on jdbc adapter service result

I need some help here, I have a JDBC Adpater service that returns a few rows, I need to loop through these rows, and map each row to a document and then publish that document, so if I have 3 rows returned from db, then 3 documents get published.

I have trouble with the LOOP, if I do not put the LOOP in there, only one docuement gets published, but if I add LOOP, then nothing gets published at all. BTW, I am using 7.1.2

I must have done something wrong (Obviousely).

Any help greatly appreciated.

Its seems to be, it is not going inside loop…

Loop over document list. [* hope u have added document list path in input array in properties]

  • add Map step under the loop (in this step, check your document list turned to document), do your mapping.

My Fault, I was looping through the result, instead of results of the OutPut. It is resolved, thanks to all.