Problem with list in document list in a loop


I loop trough an array in a loop statement.
In the loop I create a output doc witch has some fields and also an list, lets call it partyList.
In the loop I add 2 parties to the partyList from the output doc.
All goes fine, I go 3 times through the loop
when I leave the loop than I have my output list with 3 elements. each element has a partyList.
But each element has the last partyList, not the one I maped to it in the loop.

I installed IS_6-5_Fix45 but that did not helped

I declared the output doc at the loop statement

This constuction worked in version 6.0.1
Since IS 6.5 SP2 It shows the above unwanted behaviour.

I hope I described it in a clear way, If not , please let me know.
Thanks for your help

Please post your loop statements, with all details.

Try dropping the from item and the item mapped (outputDoc/partyItem) to appendToDocumentList.


hi, i have a problem append a string to string list,
you said i have to use appendToSTringList and drop the from item, but i don’t understand it. are the drop statement still in the same step (MAP step)?
i tried like that and i’ts still not work… :confused:


The appendToStringList or appendToDocumentList both take fromItem, fromList and toList as inputs, where the latter two are arrays. Now in order for the append to work right you need to map the input value/list to fromItem/fromList and map toList to toList as in the demo.jpg. The toList is the final list that contains the items you added.

PS You will need to add toList to the pipeline in

HTH, Roh

Thanks RO, sorry for troubling you, i didn’t read the instruction carefully. :o