Problem with JSF dataTable and Command Button/Link Action in

I’m trying to get a pure JSR-168 portlet that uses JSF as its UI framework to work inside webMethods 7.0SP1. The problem I encounter is that the command button or command link when put inside a dataTable cell doesn’t seem to function as expected. The code is pretty simple:

<h:form id=“myForm”>

<h:datatable binding="#{} first=" #{myTable.first}"="" rows=“10” value="#{myTable.rows}" var=“row”>
<f:facet name=“header”>
<h:commandbutton id=“myButton” value=“Test1” action=“detailPage” />
<h:commandbutton value=“Test2” action=“detailPage” />


Basically, for the button (or command link) inside cell when pressed, the page refresh, all the faces cycles are processed, but the page did not navigate to another view as defined by the “detailPage” id, which is mapped to /DetailPage.jsp in navigation_config.xml. However, the same button when put outside of the dataTable component, is function correctly. The same portlet application when deployed on Pluto, the command button/link functions properly in both inside and outside of the dataTable. The different in the two deployment packages is that the one for webMethods uses all JSF related jars provided by webMethods server, and the one deployed on Pluto uses Sun’s faces implementation v2.4.1 of the JSF version 1.1. I also verify the log output for the portlet deployed on webMethods portal that the dataTable object being is an instance of com.webmethods.caf.faces.component.table.html.DataTable
Is there something specific to webMethods faces implemetation to be aware of/used when deploying a JSR-168 JSF portlet in webMethods Portal? Or is this a bug in JSF component?



When deploying a webM CAF application to a different server, i’d HIGHLY recommend using our implementation of the JSF.