Problem with JDBC adapter and DB2

Hi all
I searched for similar cases but couldn’t find any.
We are currently installing XPI 8.94 (=wM 6.1) but we are having trouble getting our queries to work on our DB2 database.

For instance, a select on F4301.
If I select with only a numerical field, the select works. From the moment I want a second field and this is alphanumeric, I get the following error:
Data type mismatch. (class java.lang.NumberFormatException)

It doesn’t matter which data type I choose or what data I enter, it always comes back with this or “Descriptor index not valid”

Has anyone encountered something similar?
I have tried with 2 different versions of jt400.jar already but it stays the same.

We solved this problem.

It seems entering ‘TranslateBinary=true’ in the other properties part of the JDBC adapter solved most (if not all) of our JDBC problems!