Problem With formatting web service results

Ok here goes. I created a document that would hold the values from an adapter service that I created to query a database. Once I invoke the adapter service within my flow service, and do a little checking, I take my document and use makeString to format it into a single variable give an application format. All of this works fine and dandy and when I Test my flow in developer, it returns the single varible that I created with makeString. The problem occurs when I test it via http. The three variables that are passed to the webservice are returned appended by List and it seems there is nothing that I can do to drop it. Anyone have any suggestions?

No takers or suggestions of a solution?

Try to use a clearpipeline with the preserve parameter which is your output value

I figured this out a while ago, but thought I should post the solution for future use. I failed to notice that if I want to format my output within a specific format, that I would need to change the Output template of my flow service. There I could format my web service to return just plain text like I was trying to before.