Problem with flatfile:convertToString

Hi ,

I’m working on Integration Server 6.5.I am using ConvertToString service before writing to a file and the problem is that all the values in ffvalues are correctly populated but in the String Output one of the fields value is missing and is not writing to file.why is this happening?. i rechecked Flatfile schema and everything seems to be there any bug in ConvertoToString.

If i use the edi:convertToString it’s populating all the fields and giving proper output.Is there any Integration Server/EDI Fix to apply.

Could anybody help me out…


Please check the lost field extrator in schema and on the flatfile definition tab, make sure you choose the right record identifier.
Usally, this kind of error has something wrong with the schema.
I hope it can help.

set "sortInput"to true of pub.flatFile:convertToString and then test it. I think you will need to set this to true for 6.5 if your input record is not in the same order as your flat file schema. Hope this helps


Just wanted to say that years later this little tip helped me. I couldn’t figure out why some of my fields were missing despite names matching perfectly. The order of the schema and my document was different. Setting this to true fixed my issue.

Just wanted to say even more years later, that the tip that UkWebm shared back in 2006 for version 6.5 just helped me too, 14 years later, with version 10.1. This resolved a tricky bug hidden for years, where the first loop iteration had fields in order, but subsequent iterations had them out of order (resulting in some EDI records with discarded values, but not others).

I’ve been working in webMethods flow programming for 20 years. Still learning :-).