Problem with envelope field _env.replyto

Hi Everybody,

Here I built an integration on ActiveWorks 4.1.
I built two component respectively on Oracle(Intelligent) and XML Intelligent adapter.
Flow is like this

I publish an event from client(Event Tracker) and it is subscribed by component built upon Oracle adapter. Component select some rows from database built an event and publish it. This event has one field replyTo(not envelope filed) which I set equals to input._env.replyto.
This event is subscribed by Component built upon XML Adpater. This component create XML String using some fields from input event and then publish an event containing XML String. Here in output event I set envelope field _env.replyto equals to input.replyto. So that it should deliver result back to original client(Event tracker). But somehow it is not working. I have some other integrations built with same concept and they are running fine.
But they are using XML Standard adapter instead of Intelligent.

Anybody has any idea what may be problem in this scenerio?

I would appriciate if you can reply as soon as possible.