Problem with EDI large file handling


I am trying to use the large EDI document using TN. I am reading the file from the disk and submitting it to TN. I am using processing rule to start a service. I set the config file to following

Bigdocthreashhold = 15000000 (15MB)
tspace location = /usr/tspace
Maxdiscsize = 3GB
EDI config file doc thershhold = 15MB.

However, this works fine if I call the processing rule synchronously. When I call the processing service asynchronously from the rule, I am getting the following error.

<info>Error retrieving content of content part EDIdata of document u3240500v0k1aaee0000005i. The exception message is : <exmlexception>
<info>Content for Part EDIdata of document u3240500v0k1aaee0000005i does not exist in TSpace.</info>

I viewed the bizdoc, storage reference and content pars are present fine in the file. Any ideas on what might be going on when the processing rule is called asynchronously.

PS: I made sure save/restore pipelines are disabled.

after the getContentPartData
make sure you’re invoke wm.b2b.edi.util.streamToString