Problem with documentToIdoc

Hi all,

I’m testing the SAP Adapter 6.5. We are going to do a conversion to wM7.
Now I’m trying to send an idoc to SAP in the following way:

  1. first I created a SAP document type using a certain idocType
  2. I complete this document with some test data
  3. I use to convert the document to an iDocList
  4. I use the service to send the idoc

But in step 3 the service the document is not converted to the iDocList. Because I can see that the returned iDocList is empty.
I don’t see any error in the logs.

I tried this with several document (created from an idoc), but the returned iDocList was always empty.

Can someone help me with this?


for Step 3: you can use the following service to convert document to IDOC. this is the way we implemented before invoking, thats work fine…

Service Namespace:

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your reply, arulchristhuraj!

I just found the problem. As I told I created a SAP document type from an idoc (f.e. ZPENV_DATA). The SAP document type looks like this:

IDOC (list)


In the service the input is a document. So I mapped ZPENV_DATA to document. But this wasn’t working (for both services and
Mapping looked like this:
ZPENV_DATA ---------- document

But then I created under the input document a new document (f.e. doc) and I mapped ZPENV_DATA to that one. And both service work. So the mapping looks like this:
ZPENV_DATA -----_____ document
And doing it by this solves my problem. DocList is not empty anymore.



BTW,starting from SAP Adapter6.5 the parsing service new name is… (SAPAdapter 6.5 new service)

a.k.a— (SAPAdapter 4.x service)



Thanks for your valuable inputs!!