Problem with creation of web service conn on wm 4.6


I am facing a problem with creation of the web service connector on wm 4.6.

Initially i was able to generate a web service connector using the url of the wsdl document.All the supporting IS elements were created.

The web service was modified with additional input fields.

When i create the web service connector now for the same wsdl with the url,the created IS document type (input) & IS schema does not have the newly added fields.It still gives the list of the old fields.The new wsdl document has all the newly added fields.

Can someone provide info on what the problem could be.


Try to delete the previous ws connector folder and create the ws again using the new WSDL file.

I seem to recall that IS 4.6 does not allow you to delete the entire folder. You have to delete each element in the folder first.

I agree with Ylo that you need to delete the previous schemas and doc types before recreating the web service connector.