Problem with creating document from PIP7C7


I have problem when creating Document from 7C7. When trying to do it from xsd, it returns 6 errors like:

Error: 3
identifier: /schema/element[@name=“UnitOfMeasure”]

source: ----- Source -----
<xs:element abstract=“false” nillable=“false” name=“UnitOfMeasure” type=“tns:UnitOfMeasureType” substitutionGroup=“tns:UnitOfMeasureA”></xs:element>

errorMessage: [ISC.0082.9703] Duplicate declaration found in this schema definition

I have tried another document from xsd - 4E1 and it worked fine, documents were created with all the schemas. However 7C7 looks like there’s sth wrong with that. I need V11.10, but I tried all the available versions and all were wrong.
Do you have some recommendations? Has anybody done it?