problem with byte[ ] as a custom Operation input/output


I am implementing a custom operation that returns a byte[] in output.
The way this is done is the following, I declare a hidden “outfieldType”
in the Options Tab and I set it in the “outField” namespace (see below).

  adapterdescriptor.createGroup("parameters", new String[] {


  adapterdescriptor.setNamespace("inField", "inputExpressions", null);
  adapterdescriptor.setNamespace("outField", adapterdescriptor.OUTPUT_FIELD_NAMES,
         new String[] {"outFieldType"});

  public String getOutFieldType() {
  return "byte[]";

  private String inField;
  private String outField;

I made a successful integration with this operation but the problem is at run-time
when executing the following line:

I get an error
“Field Type Mismatch (204-1119): Field ‘SOGA17a[]’ is not a sequence of type byte.”

(where SOGA17a[] is the string that I filled in the “outField” Field in the Options Tab.)

  • Am I missing anything in the code ?

thanks very much,