Problem with ATC Logger - END_FLAG

I am experiencing some problem with an ATC Logger plugged on an Oracle database.

Sometimes, the adapter is sending Adapter::errorNotify event with that error message :

" Error is: COM.activesw.adapter.devkit.AdapterException: (108) Could not invoke script “insertBeginLog”

(353) Could not execute SQL statement "INSERT INTO  ENT_ACTIVATION(OBJ_ID, COMP_ID, TRANX_ID, WORK_UNIT_ID, EVENT_TYPE_NAME, INTEGRATION_ID, RESTART_COUNT, TIMESTAMP, END_FLAG, EVENT, SEQ_NUMBER, EVENT_ID) VALUES (:v0, :v1, :v2, :v3, :v4, :v5, 0, sysdate, :v6, :v7, :v8, :v9)":

(308) ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("VISDEV1"."ENT_ACTIVATION"."END_FLAG")"

The all integration process is then stopped and nothing is logged in the database.
It seems an Null value is trying to be input in END_FLAG field but I do not understand why.

Thanks for your help if you experienced that.