problem while using a WSDL creating in wm Developer 6.1


we are using webMethods 6.1 version, we have developed a flow service and trying to define it as a webservice using SOAP message with http protocol.

we have defined input and output structures like this

Please find the Ipnut document structure
and output document structure as attachments.

for inputDocument type the XMLnamespace we have given:uperst-Request
for outputDocument type the XMLname space we have given: uperst-Request

in the flow service we set the property namespace name as: uperst-Request
and Localname as: Request

then we have created successfully a WSDL, but this WSDL cant be imported in ALTOVA XML spy.

Could anybody suggest me where we have gone wrong in defining the namespace or in any other area
webservice Input and output Document types.doc (43 KB)

Does XML spy give you any errors when you try and import it?

WSDL generation in IS releases prior to 7.1 has many shortcomings. For IS 6.x releases, I would create your WSDL first in a third-party tool such as XML Spy Enterprise or the new Eclipse WSDL editor and then create services that can be invoked with messages created from the WSDL.

The IS 7.1 FCS release has a completely redesigned WSDL creation capability (called a Web Services Descriptor) node that supports WSDL-first as well as generation of Flow from WSDL’s from other parties. The new WSD node contains built-in WS-I interoperability testing that can be run on WSDL’s from partners or ones generated for IS-provided services.

Very easy to use, very capable and, yes, long, long overdue!


Your prefix of input and output are different…

make them same…nsp or ns0…