Problem while publishing document

Hi All!

Publishable documet contains stringlist property is filed must exist at run time and in xsd element is
<xsd:element name=“circuitID” type=“xsd:string” maxOccurs=“unbounded”/>

in flow service i am publishing this document ,if i publish the document contains multiple circuitId’s is publishing successfully,if document contains single circuitid value(now circuitid stringlist convert into string datatype),giving an error as

[ISS.0098.9007] Data does not conform to the Publishable Document Type docs:serviceOrderDocument_XNGresponse errors: INVALID
List of errors:
[0] pathName=/createCircuitShell_response/createCircuitShellResponse/circuitID errorCode=VV-003 errorMessage=[ISC.0082.9027] Dimension mismatch, List expected

in flow service before publishing the document i am setting circuitid depending on logic step,logic may give one circuitid or multiple crcuitid,so i need to publish the document even i get single circuitid Or multiple circuitid,this crcuitid should be mandatory to publish if no values means no crcuit id it should not publish and should give error there is no circuitid value…

how to publish the document even single circuitId in the document…,property is mandatory at run time

Anil Kumar

Please search the forums for creating document lists from XML when only one entry is present. This topic has been covered many, many, many times.