Problem while enable/disable process model in MWS 7.1


I am not able to enable / disable my process in MWS 7.1. It does not display any errors in MWS, but in MWS log, we are getting following error:

2008-04-01 01:11:30 EDT (portlet : WARN) [RID:69] - Setting returnUrl inside render method is not permitted

Can anyone help me for solving this problem?


You can enable your model from the developer also. Run the service, wm.prt.monitor:setModelEnabled, with the process key of the model you are trying to enable. That would enable the process model


Thanks for your response. I was aware of the workaround you mentioned i.e. enabling process by running service through Developer. But I was wondering why it is not working through MWS.
It will be great if someone will put a pointer on that.

We have exprienced the same problem. The work around works so it’s a shame s/wareAG don’t publish it more prominently!
Any updates on this? Anyone else have the same problem?