Problem using the like operator in the custom inbox

We created a custom inbox with a searchable field that must return partial results (ex. searching for na should match na, nam, name, etc). We selected the like operator in the Add Searchable Field dialog for the given field, but the search is not returning partial results. The user must enter the exact value in order to return the task.
Is there any other property that must be set to achieve this functionality (like wild characters)? Or is this operator not intended to be used to achieve this effect? If so, how can I modify the search in order to return partial results?

Thanks in advance

Which version are you using?

We’ve identified and fixed an issue in 8.0.2 where previously you needed to have the search term bounded on both sides by the wildcard character. That would probably mean you would enter a search term like:

This should have been fixed in 8.0.2, so if you are on that version then we’ll need to do some more investigation.

We are using version 7. Is there a workaround for version 7 that doesn’t require the user to add the asterisks when searching?

I’m sorry. There isn’t a quick workaround for this that I’m aware of.