problem to transform xml and xslt to html

I have a problem when I try to generate html from xml and xslt pages in Java code. I have to use the instruction and it doesn’t work:

//ERROR in the under function “TransFact.newTransformer”
Transformer trans = transFact.newTransformer(xsltSource);

and appears the following error:

ERROR: ‘Sintax Error in ‘rp210Elements:ClipCreationDateAndTime >> .’.’
ERROR: ‘It could not compile the stylesheet’
Exception in thread “main” javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException: No se ha podido compilar la hoja de estilos
at Source)
at Source)
at test.exampleSimple1(
at test.main(

The java code is very simple and I don’t know what more to test.

I need a solution as soon as possible because it’s urgent to deliver the java application.

If someone sould help me I will be very grateful.

NOTE: Have a look to the attached file. Files DVD.xml, FX.xslt, Report.xslt, Storyboard.xslt and the java code.

error.rar (21.1 KB)

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