Problem to send SNMP traps - alert template missing

I have created a rule named “Rule Name FN Test” that shall send SNMP traps as action. But it seems to be some problem to find the configured template. See below:

(OPTIMIZE) [Analytic Engine] 2008-04-22 15:20:45.234 CEST WARN: Unable to send the requested SNMP trap for rule named [Rule Name FN Test] as there is no template configured for template [SNMPAlert] and alert severity section [NORMAL]

This is our “SNMPAlert Settings” in the analytic engine:

SNMP_Manager_PRODUCTION IP 161 User ********

Attached is our templete for SNMPAlerts in the “optimize/analysis/conf/templates”-folder. Only two files in this folder, SNMPAlert.template and BusinessMonitorViolation.template.

Do anyone know what we have missed?
SNMPAlert.template.txt (274 Bytes)

Verify the settings in MailProperties.xml

we are not sending email, instead SNMP Traps. Is there something in MailProperties.xml that has to do with SNMP settings? What should be verified?

Is this issue still outstanding?

The template location lines are located in the MailProperties.xml file in AE. OPTINF Fix 6 corrects a bug where these lines get dropped when deploying the environment.

I’m having kind of the same problem with OFI 7.1.2. and I cannot send SNMP traps to my SNMP manager.

After setting the SNMP Alert config, restarting analytic, creating a rule that sends SNMP traps and making the rule to be violated, I get two kind of errors:
1/one related to MailProperties file
2/one related to a messageKey empty.

Errors are in the file attached.

Has anybody here had the same kind of error ?

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


OFI_712_SNMPAlertSettings_error.txt (15.7 KB)

Hi all
I have this problem solved after having fix OPTINF_7-1_SP2_Fix4 installed. Besides, I used a SNMP monitoring command (tcpdump on UNIX systems) to check if SNMP traps were generated …
hope it helps!