Problem submitting EDI Doc to trading networks

Hi all,
when I try to submit EDI document to trading networks through the WmEDIforTN console,it shows the document in the transaction analysis but the content is not says “Document Content Not Available”.please can anybody help me out


I am sending an edi to TN and saving it in the TN database. now i am trying to retreive the data from the TN database and map to other document.

Could anybody help me in retreiving the data from TN database.



edidata can be obtained from the TN Database by callng the service getContentPart located in folder. For this service give the input “partName” as “application/EDI”. The output of this service is a record by name contentPart, use bytesToString service located at pub.string to convert bytes to string.


I just had this same problem. If you are building the EDI and converting to an EDI string using wm.edi.b2b:convertToString, make sure that your EDI document values layout has a blank value for the SE segment. If you leave this as null, the convertToString service will not count up the segments and attach the control number. In my process, I do this:

  1. Populate an EDI document type built off of an EDIFFSchema in the WmEDIforTN package. (ensuring that you put the transaction number in ST01 and populate the entire SE segment as an empty string.
  2. Extract partner information from a TPA.
  3. Convert my EDI layout to string using wm.edi.b2b:convertToString
  4. Add group and interchage envelopes with wm.edi.b2b.util:addGroupEnvelope and addICEnvelope
  5. Route to TN using

Good luck. Hope this helps. Also, I should note that we’re using wM 6.1.