Problem setting BrokerDate in using C API

I’m trying to set up a BrokerDate using the the “C” API awNewBrokerDate function, but I’m getting a compilation error.
I’m doing the following:

BrokerDate timeStamp;
timeStamp = awNewBrokerDate(yr,mon, day, hr, min, sec, 0);
err = awSetDateField(e,“INSERT_TIMESTAMP”,timeStamp);

Variables yr, mon, day, hr, min, and sec are integers with a value already assigned.
When I compile, I get the following error in the second line of code.

Operation between types “struct BrokerDate” and “struct BrokerDate*” is not allowed.

Then I made the following change to the timeStamp definition:

BrokerDate *timeStamp;

Now I get the same compilation error but in the third line of code (awSetDateField).

It might be a minor detail that I’m overlooking, but I need another pair of eyes to look at it.
Thanks for your help.

Your change to the BrokerDate declaration is definitely the right thing to do. Change the third line to:

err = awSetDateField(e, “INSERT_TIMESTAMP”, *timeStamp);

The function expects a struct parm, not a pointer so you need to dereference the pointer.

It works!
Thanks much Rob