Problem in webService


I have got a .wsdl file, imported into my machine and then accessed through the wsConnector.It has several connectors like login,query etc .When I execute the login connector i get an error at addBodyEntry .The error is SOAP body entries must have a namespace name.
Can anybody guide me.

Did the wsdl loaded successfully with out any errors in Developer?

Is that login connector service asking any parameters to pass before executing?

The error indicates the pub.client:soapRPC service is not getting the data from the SOAP body and check the webservice provider whether the hosted webservice (namespace)is active in the ipaddress shown in the wsdl file.

Also refer the documentation SOAP_Developers_Guide.pdf for better understanding of webMethods-SOAP implementation.


Hello RMG,

The wsdl file loaded successfully but it generates some warning messages. When i run the login it asks me for username,password as well as for auth and port no.

If its giving warning messages then try to get resolved and load the wsdl again.

you have to provide login/pwd,and port (optionaly) it will take default step and you can check this in the login wsConnector flow there will be a port branch step…and try to explore it.

Hope you have gone thru the documentation about wsConnector and soap processing in webmethods.



The web services connector uses the pub.soap.util:addBodyEntry service in the process of preparing the soap request. The error you are seeing suggests that the document type that was the mapped to the “document” input parameter on the pub.xml:documentToXMLString service a step or two above did not have its XMLNamespace property set.

This could be a bug or it might be because the WSDL file did not have this information as required by the soap spec.

I think a simple fix might be to set the XMLNamespace property for all input and output documents for your web services connector to some arbitrary value (e.g. http://testNamespace) and then trace through the connector using Developer.

There is also a server setting for turning off enforcement of namespace checking. This setting is documented in either the Soap Developer’s Guide or the Web Service’s Developer’s Guide.
Both of those documents would be worth studying if you will be doing much webMethods web services development.



Hello Mark,

The wsConnector for login takes the username and password and it should generate the loginresponse.The login response is not in the pipeline output.How do i do it.I am new to webMethods.Please help me as soon as possible.


Use webMethods Developer to trace through the web services connector using the Test->Trace or F7 key. You will see the results of each Flow service statement displayed in the results tab in pre-6.1 releases or in the results window in 6.1 and later.

Set the authentication type to “Basic” (case-sensitive) and supply the username and password of the server that is hosting the web service you are attempting to invoke.