Problem in sending JMS message on Queue

i am getting the following error message whenever i tried to send the JMS data on JMS Queue.

[ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke adapter service Queue.AdapterService:CreationJMSData.
[ADA.680.1014] JMS Exception in (WmJMSUtils.sendMessage):
[BRM.10.5001] JMS: No send permissions for event type “JMS::Queues::Queue01” in client group “Queue_Conn_SessionClientGroup”

Steps followed in sending the data to Queue are.

  1. Created QueueConnectionFactory and Destination.
  2. In the flow service converted simple data into JMSMessage using “DocumentToTextMessage” adapter service. and taken Destination lookup name in the string variable.
  3. While sending JMSdata to Queue, i used the “MessageProducer” adapter service.

so please let me know why this problem is coming.

Also how can we create subscriber for the Queue?

Thanks in advance,
Rohit Ware


I’m currently facing the same problem, and it appears the Destination you set in order to create your JMS Queue should have the same Lookup Name and Destination Name.

Otherwise, you’ll get this error because the "JMS::Queues::Queue01" Document Type doesn’t exist (it isn’t automatically created by the My Webmethods Servers while it should)

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