Problem in connecting

Hi, My computer is IBM R50 with windows XP profession with sp1,and I have installed Tamino XML server 4.2. I have created some databases, some are named in simple Chinese, others are named in English. In Tamino Manager I can start all of them, but when I want to connect a database which is named in simple Chinese to a schema using Schema Editor I got a error like this: And I also can not do the connect in X-Plor. Could you tell me how can I do ? :? Best wishes, Angular

You might be better off asking support for the Tamino update kit. This contained a substantial number of fixes related to Chinese localization.

Hi markk, Thank you for your reply,but I am still not quite sure that where can I get the Tamino update kit? I have searched it but no result. Best Regards, Angular

You need to ask your local support representative.